Stardew Valley Battle Royale Mod Lets You Harvest the Flesh of Your Fellow Farmers

Stardew Valley Battle Royale Mod Lets You Harvest the Flesh of Your Fellow Farmers

Water the fields with the blood of your neighbors.

Battle Royalley is the inspired name of a Stardew Valley mod that lets multiple farmers fight to the death in the game's beautiful fields. The last farmer standing is the winner. This mod mirrors our ancestors' struggle for farmland, by the way. Tell your teacher.

Battle Royalley, created and uploaded to NexusMods by Ilyaki, is still gestating. You can download the available files, but it might be some time before the grounds fill up with 100 farmers attempting to reap blood from each other. If you want to get a head start on "going all Cain" on your fellow farmers, the mod gives you the tools you need. You can raid treasure chests for swords, bombs, and other weapons. You can chop down trees to build protective fences (which your fellow players can tear up, but at least the attempt will slow them down a bit). When your death appears imminent, you can try hopping on a horse and galloping to a cooler spot on the map.

Speaking of the map, the player hosting the Royale chooses where chests are placed, where players spawn, and which area the killing barrier / storm closes in on. As with most Battle Royale games on the market, players can't play hide-and-seek forever. An ever-shrinking safe zone gradually herds everyone into one spot, like so many sheep being forced into a slaughtering pen.

Battle Royalley is an interesting, very peaceful twist on Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode, which came to the Nintendo Switch version of Stardew Valley at the tail-end of 2018. Needless to say, the Battle Royalley mod is only available for the PC version of the game. Stardew Valley is pure, wholesome, and good in all its forms, though.

Stardew Valley is closing in on its second-year anniversary. It became an indie smash when it arrived on PC in February of 2016, then went on to become the most-downloaded game on the Switch in 2017. Some of us here at USgamer spent hours down on the digital farm: Caty wrote a diary about her experience, and I observed how the game doesn't shy away from small-town drama and scandals.

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