Stardew Valley Developer Teases New Single-Player Content for Both PC and Consoles

It's a boat.

News by Matt Kim, .

single-player content coming to the game with the upcoming multiplayer update.

Last month, Barone revealed in a Reddit AMA that there were "no plans" for more single-player content coming to the game. He cited logistics since Stardew Valley was now available across multiple platforms like PC and the Nintendo Switch.

However, Barone recently revealed on Twitter that along with the much anticipated multiplayer update, there will be new content that "will affect single-player, too!"

Barone then posted an image of a boat.

Chances are pretty high that this boat is related to the upcoming new content Barone is teasing. But what's it for? Can you start fishing out in the ocean? Travel to previously unreachable land masses? Catch lobsters?

Barone said that the new content will come to both console and PC versions of the game along with the multiplayer update. There is still no release date for said update, but we'll hopefully have an update on that soon.

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