Stardew Valley for the Switch Gets its 1.3 Multiplayer Update

Many hands make light work on the Switch.

Stardew Valley for the Switch received its 1.3 multiplayer update today. What's that mean? It means one of the most successful indie games on the Nintendo Switch is probably about to become even more successful.

Stardew Valley developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone announced the update on via a Twitter post made earlier today. It's free to download, so go nuts. Barone outlined everything in the update in a blog post he published on Monday, though he keeps things a little vague to "avoid spoilers." Here's the important stuff: You can play with friends online and through cooperative co-op with other Switch consoles, there's a new Night Market, there are new events and items to discover, and your horse can wear hats. That last point is everything.

Barone says PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are next up for multiplayer updates. Starting December 14, Barone is also taking over publishing duties for Stardew Valley on all platforms outside Switch and mobile, which are still being handled by Chucklefish.

The Nintendo Switch version of Stardew Valley was the system's most downloaded game of 2017. The Switch's portability is perfectly-suited for farming on the go, plus there's just a whole lot to love about Stardew Valley. Haven't played yet? Remedy that right now. Shear some sheep, get your shovels in the ground, and do a bunch of other farm stuff. You won't regret it until you look up from the screen and realize half your life is gone.

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