Stardew Valley Gets a Frame Rate Fix on the Switch

Stardew Valley Gets a Frame Rate Fix on the Switch

Rise and shine. Time to farm.

Farms: They're big. Even so-called family farms can sprawl for hundreds of acres. Farms in Stardew Valley can likewise grow to impressive proportions, but unchecked growth can lead to problems with slowdowns and frame skips, especially on the Nintendo Switch.

If you're a fan of Eric Barone's wildly popular farming sim, hang tight: A fix for the Switch version of the game is here. Now all your frames should be smoother than fresh-churned butter. Barone sent out word about the fix yesterday on Twitter.

The Twitter thread also contains a brief update on the upcoming multiplayer update for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. They're coming, Barone says, and should hopefully land somewhere in the neighborhood of "a few months."

The Switch iteration of Stardew Valley received its multiplayer update last month. Given the enormous popularity of Stardew Valley on the Switch, it's not surprising it was the second platform to receive the multiplayer option (the PC was first). If you're feeling vengeful and you have Stardew Valley on PC, you can even download a mod to turn it into a sort of "Yee-haw Meets Battle Royale" game.

Running a farm isn't easy, regardless of how smooth its frame rates are. Visit our Stardew Valley guides for tips on how to grow great crops, raise healthy animals, and woo a potential mate.

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