Stardew Valley is Coming to iOS Later This Month With No In-App Purchases

The full game will cost $7.99

News by Matt Kim, .

Stardew Valley, the popular farming-sim RPG, is coming to iOS devices on October 24. The store page is already live so players can pre-register for their chance to live out their rural lives in Pelican Town on an iOS device.

The iOS port is being developed from the ground up by The Secret Police, a London-based mobile studio. They're working closely with original developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone and publisher Chucklefish to ensure the quality of the mobile port. Stardew Valley is already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The mobile version of Stardew Valley will retail for $7.99, but that also means there will be no in-app purchases. Stardew Valley will come to mobile feature-complete.

Stardew Valley is the popular, Harvest Moon-esque Farm-sim where players, tired of their mundane life in the city, move to a small rustic village to live the simple life. There they can fall in love, build a farm, and make friends with neighbors. A multiplayer mode is currently in-development for the Switch version of Stardew Valley, and is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The mobile iOS version includes content up to version 1.3 (with the Night Market) but won't have multiplayer. No word on whether the multiplayer update will be available on mobile by the time of the launch, or when we might see an Android version of Stardew Valley. You can find the store link to Stardew Valley iOS here.

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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #1 Captain-Gonru 8 days ago
    This raises a couple questions. Why is this almost half the price of the console versions? And what's up with the two links in the second to last paragraph? The multiplayer isn't out yet on Xbox One and PS4, nor does that link take you to an article that says it does. Plus, the Switch one takes you to an article that has nothing to do with multiplayer, either.
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  • Avatar for Arvis-Jaggamar #2 Arvis-Jaggamar 8 days ago
    Spoiler: great game plays like junk on touch screen. If you hate yourself, buy this version.
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