Stardew Valley is Coming to Tesla Cars

Stardew Valley is Coming to Tesla Cars

Elon Musk says its coming in the holiday update.

Tesla owners might soon be able to farm crops and forge relationships in the drive-thru. An upcoming Tesla software update will include a number of features, and among them is apparently the hit indie farming game Stardew Valley.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted late last night that the upcoming Tesla holiday software update would have Stardew Valley, as well as Lost Backgammon and "a few other things."

A video game inside a Tesla car isn't unheard of, as Cuphead was added to the "Tesla Arcade" earlier this year. It's only the first level and you need a USB controller to play-two if you want to play co-op. Also, it's only playable while the car is either parked or charging, which is probably a smart decision.

In terms of timing, Musk says in a follow-up tweet that the update "needs a few more days of validation, then early access, then wide release." That would probably put it right around Christmas-time for eager holiday drivers.

Stardew Valley on a car is pretty novel, and it's already been ported to a number of systems. Musk has said in the past that he wants to hire developers to make games for Tesla as well. I'm just curious as to how large this slice of Stardew Valley will be-if it'll be a small chunk like Cuphead, or if you can really play the entirety of Stardew Valley while waiting for your Tesla to charge.

Be sure to check out our recent interview with the creator of Stardew Valley on its recent, massive update and his future as a solo developer.

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