Stardew Valley Was the Most-Downloaded Game on the Nintendo Switch in 2017

Stardew Valley topped a competitive field of download games.

News by Matt Kim, .

Stardew Valley had a pretty good year on the Nintendo Switch considering it was the console's most-downloaded digital game in 2017. The fact the game only launched last October, it's quite a achievement (Stardew Valley just recently came out in Japan, making the achievement even more impressive).

Nintendo updated its list of top downloads in 2017 and Chucklefish's Stardew Valley took the top spot worldwide. Minecraft followed at second place, though Minecraft did actually beat Stardew Valley in Japan.

Stardew Valley was a home run with Switch owners, who really latched onto the farming simulator's idyllic vision of digital rural life. New features like multiplayer are also on the way for the Switch version, alongside other versions of the game on other consoles.

Alongside Stardew Valley and Minecraft, the top-downloaded games list for the Switch include Sonic Mania at third, Rocket League at fourth, and Snipperclips rounding out the top five.

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  • Avatar for MARl0 #1 MARl0 8 months ago
    It'd be nice to know what the actual numbers are to put these rankings into perspective.
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  • Avatar for Fourfoldroot #2 Fourfoldroot 8 months ago
    Love this game (apart from the bug that leads to items, including full chests, disappearing unrecoverable - please fix this).

    I got it on PS4 but it would be so much more convenient to have a portable version. It's a game ideally suited to mobile play. Luckily, the upcoming VITA version is cross buy so I'll soon be playing on the commute and losing many more hours to this wonderful little game.Edited January 2018 by Fourfoldroot
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  • Avatar for Minkukel #3 Minkukel 8 months ago
    Good to see that Snipperclips did well. That's a really underappreciated Switch game.
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  • Avatar for JamesSwiftDay #4 JamesSwiftDay 8 months ago
    As with the Eurogamer article, this fails to mention this list if for download-only games from the eShop.

    Games that also had physical releases (Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild etc.) don't qualify.

    As such, this list doesn't actually represent the most downloaded games, as the articles' wording states.
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