Starfox to Appear in Starlink: The Battle for Atlas on Switch

There is a Starfox game on the horizon, but not really.

News by Mike Williams, .

Ubisoft just gave folks a little heart attack today. During a trailer for the publisher's previously-announced toys-to-life title, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, the company revealed that Starfox main character Fox McCloud and his Arwing will feature in the title.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot gave Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto the first mold of the Starlink Arwing on stage at the press event.

Starfox content is exclusive to Starlink's Nintendo Switch experience. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 16, 2018.

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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #1 Daikaiju 13 days ago
    Gimme that sweet, sweet Arwing merch.
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #2 Ohoni 13 days ago
    This game looked interesting, except for the generic hunk of plastic aspect. The ships don't look remotely cool enough for me to want them on my desk. Build Fighters this is not.
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  • Avatar for JamesSwiftDay #3 JamesSwiftDay 13 days ago
    Sorry to be that guy, but it's 'Star Fox' (two words), it has never been 'Starfox'.
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