My Morning Animal Crossing: New Horizons Routine Has Become My Mental Safety Net

My Morning Animal Crossing: New Horizons Routine Has Become My Mental Safety Net

Every day I follow the same route, and it has become my drip feed of normalcy.

Let me tell you about my Animal Crossing routine. I have played this game every single day, without fail, ever since it released on March 20. But I've surprisingly never binged New Horizons. I've actually stuck to relatively short bursts of playtime every morning before work to start my day, and it's within these short bursts of playtime that I've found a kind of dogged routine.

It goes something like this: I start off at my house, taking a call from Tommy and Timmy like I'm a mob boss being informed of a development. The tanuki twins will have deposited at least 20,000 Bells in my account, a testament to my previous day's work of fishing and catching butterflies. Then I obviously need to check the mailbox, where a K.K. Slider tune, purchased the previous day from Resident Services, will be waiting for me.

Then it's time to run the Hirun Cryer Route around Kamurocho island. This route wasn't by design; it's something I naturally settled into, only realizing I was actually retracing the same steps after about a week. The route is amazing because it allows me to check up on every villager as I pass their houses: I'll see if Hornsby's crafting anything, if Poncho's pumping iron, if Bangle's doing her morning yoga, and so on.

I take this precise route around Kamurocho every single day | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Taking this route around Kamurocho lets me clean up as I go. I'll always pick up any fallen tree branches without fail, and I'll unearth any hidden fossils for delivery to Blathers in the museum right near the end of the route. There's obviously the weeds to be dug up and dealt with, and the route also covers extended patches of flowers for some brief rejuvenation with a watering can.

This special route around Kamurocho wasn't painstakingly designed to maximize time or efficiency. I never actively set aside time to plan this route around the island, stopping in on all the hotspots and houses, nor did I ever actually place resident's houses or shops in any particular pattern. The Kamurocho route just, well, happened.

This is my new normal. Over the past month or so you've no doubt seen or read many pieces or comments on how Animal Crossing: New Horizons has provided a mental safety net of sorts for millions of people across the world. I count myself among that number: taking this tour on the specified route around my island every morning is the only certain activity I have outside of work hours now. There's no more commute; no more popping out to the shops, no more seeing work friends on a daily basis (physically, at least).

But I also feel ungrateful for begrudging my current situation, or feeling like I need help. I know an NHS doctor who works 17-hour shifts around a COVID-19 maximum risk ward. I know furloughed people that genuinely have no idea if they'll still be employed when the dust settles. I know maximum risk people that haven't left their houses for almost two months now. I, by comparison, am doing pretty damn well: I'm still employed, my job hasn't been drastically affected, and I'm still eating and living a relatively healthy life.

To say that Animal Crossing has saved me requires acknowledging that I needed help in this time of uncertainty when many others have it worse than I do, which just cannot do. I haven't completely lost myself in Animal Crossing; losing track of time and forgetting about everything going on around me. Instead, I've used New Horizons as a certainty in an entirely uncertain time. Knowing the route around Kamurocho is the one thing I can wake up to each morning without fail.

I've been able to use it as a drip feed of normalcy instead, to the point where I'm still finding new and exciting things to do after more than 75 hours of playtime. I'm not lording it over people that I have done this, because at this time you need to do whatever's necessary to help you cope. I'm just glad to have found a slightly different approach to Animal Crossing that has worked for me.

I am slightly worried about what happens to the established schedule once I reach the end of perfecting my New Horizons island. I hope I can find another certainty to wake up to each morning before work begins. Hell, maybe I'll just delete my island and start all over again. As someone that constantly feels the need to be productive and building on themselves in some way, the lockdown has ground me to a shattering halt. But I've learned that that doesn't really matter right now, and I've learned instead that it's the little things that keep you sane every day. Like, for example, one very specific route around your island in Animal Crossing.

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