Please Stop Putting Big Spiders In Video Games

Please Stop Putting Big Spiders In Video Games

I'm tired of it, and I don't have a good reason for it!

Last week, while editing a story for Nadia on Luigi's Mansion 3, I encountered one of my greatest fears: big spiders. Yes, spiders approximately the size and shape of Luigi and Gooigi are foes in Luigi's Mansion 3, and it's enough to deter me from picking up the family-friendly horror next week.

...I'm kidding of course, but it does give me pause.

However, it reminded me of a lingering thought I've had for some time: Can we stop putting big spiders in games? I'm sick of 'em, because no matter what, they petrify me. When I played Jak and Daxter when I was younger, I did a 180 away from an area because as soon as I was I walked into it, I saw giant creepy crawlies dangling from a thin web. In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, I winced when the first real enemy I encountered in my hectic escape from a dragon was—you guessed it—big ass spiders. Colossal spiders aren't just an "easy" scare for me, they're also overused. They're trite at this point. And they heighten my anxiety.

I've never considered myself as arachnophobic, but considering how tense I feel when a spider is in sight, I might as well be. Still there's no denying that in the grand scheme of bugs, spiders are the good guys, even if they look evil with their spindly legs. After all, they eat bad insects and they are beneficial to crops particularly because of that. That's all in addition to their most noble cause: keeping the population of pests like roaches in check. Sure, they might decide that old shoe you wear once a year is a hospitable home, but other than that, most spiders are harmless and stay out of your way if you don't antagonize them.

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In video games, they act against this very nature. Spiders are very often the bad guys, like an angry hornet buzzing around your food at a BBQ waiting for the perfect opportunity to bite you. In Luigi's Mansion 3, they march in Luigi's path. In Limbo, a giant spider with legs about as tall as a Louise Bourgeois sculpture has the ability to stab you. The spiders in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are a hair too creepy for a game that's, again like Luigi's Mansion 3, supposedly family-friendly. Sure, occasionally they're an attractive lady like Shelob's non-spider form in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but mostly spideys have nothing but malice on the brain.

The scariest spider in games, for me, remains the T-virus infected one in Resident Evil. The first time I saw it shocked me so bad: you see spiderwebs in a hallway, walk through a door with the typical opening animation, and suddenly a giant tarantula crawls down a wall. It is not cool! It might just be the scariest fuzzy arachnid I've ever seen. I hate it, and the GameCube remake only made it more realistic looking.

Giant spiders remain the worst in video games. They are always out to get you, unlike real-life spiders. Oftentimes, they are expectedly scarier than their real-world counterparts too. All I'm saying is: Can we get a game with nice spiders? Maybe even cute ones, for once? Maybe ones that are both cute and that actually do good for the world, like they mostly do in real life? Maybe this game already exists on or something? Those are the only spiders I'll allow in games in the future. As for the rest, scram please. It's time for a new absurdly large bug to take over.

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