What We Want From the New Nintendo Switch Models Rumored to Be Coming in 2019

What We Want From the New Nintendo Switch Models Rumored to Be Coming in 2019

New Switch SKUs are inevitable, but let's hope they learn from the past.

The weather is warming up, and so are rumors about new SKUs for the Nintendo Switch. The latest report suggests we can expect not one but two new iterations of Nintendo's handheld / console hybrid as early as this Summer.

The newest bit of hot Switch news comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ is behind a paywall, so grab a summary here). One new Switch is supposed to be a smaller and cheaper iteration of the system meant to replace the aged Nintendo 3DS, which all but lost its momentum this year. This smaller Switch was first reported by the Japanese news outlet Nikkei earlier this year. But the WSJ report also makes mention of a new Switch with "enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers," though the system "won't be as powerful as Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft's Xbox One X." (Imagine a Switch as powerful as the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. It'd double as a handy portable egg-fryer!)

The Switch may not look like this much longer. | Mike Williams

It's funny how Nintendo manages to whip out surprises even when its course seems clear. We all expected a cheaper Switch SKU sooner than later, but I don't think too many of us have given as much thought to a SKU that packs more power. There was some talk of said SKU when the Switch's specs were revealed to be lower than other current-gen hardware, but once it became clear the Switch does just fine without immediate ports of most triple-A games, that kind of talk seemed to dwindle. Now that it's flared up again, I wonder what Nintendo wants to accomplish with a Switch that's "targeted at avid videogamers."

I predict one of two scenarios (let me put on my special scrying hat). One, Nintendo wants to replace the original gen Switch with this new and improved version that will offer faster loading / processing times and perhaps a sharper screen resolution. The Switch is two years old now and technology gets cheaper every day: If Nintendo can give us a better product at a similar price point (and throw in these "advanced features," whatever they might be), it may as well replace what's on the shelf right now. If the smaller, cheaper Switch launches around the same time, it makes even more sense to have a more powerful Switch replace the current iteration. Unlike the 3DS, the "standard" Switch doesn't need to hang around as a cheaper replacement for the "new" Switch.

But it's the 3DS family that comes to mind when I hear about the possible existence of a more powerful Switch, particularly the New Nintendo 3DS. The New Nintendo 3DS was engineered to co-exist alongside the standard 3DS rather than replace it—and co-exist it did. While a small handful of New Nintendo 3DS games are exclusive to the system (most notably Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Minecraft, and Fire Emblem Warriors), most vanilla 3DS games enjoyed improved loading times and a sharper screen image. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is playable on any version of the 3DS, for example, but it's a more enjoyable play on the 3DS thanks to the camera control nub and faster loading times.

I'm a little worried the better, faster, stronger Switch will have games exclusive to its SKU, a la the New Nintendo 3DS. Even worse, we could potentially see a world where "New Switch" owners are allowed access to an improved Nintendo Switch Online library while other Switch owners are left to rot, not unlike how New Nintendo 3DS owners received exclusive access to SNES games on the Virtual Console. And with persistent rumors about SNES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online... well, Nintendo could theoretically reserve that beloved library for owners of the New Switch if it wants another crack at blowing the goodwill it's built up with its recent successes.

Will the new Switch SKU be another New 3DS? | Jeremy Parish

Overall, Scenario A is the likeliest—that is, Nintendo intends to replace the original Switch with something faster and stronger that won't have any game exclusivity but will offer improvements for games currently on the market (as well as an expanded selection of tools for developers that want them). We should see the long-rumored "3DS replacement" Switch hit the market at the same time as a more portable and more robust option for people who want to play alongside their kids, but don't want said kids putting their jammy little fingers all over the "better" Switch.

If new Switch SKUs are indeed in Nintendo's plans, we'll likely find out more at E3. With Pokémon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing coming this year, it'd make little sense not to add a couple of new branches to the Switch family tree as soon as possible.

Yoshi's Crafter World is out March 29 on Switch | Nintendo

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