State of Decay 2 Has a Whole Lot of Zombie-Smashing Going On

State of Decay 2 Has a Whole Lot of Zombie-Smashing Going On

Zombie guts everywhere.

We got a good luck at State of Decay 2 at the Microsoft / Xbox press conference, and unsurprisingly, it was a zombie-slaughter. All those undead innards, just sloppin' everywhere.

The State of Decay 2 trailer leans into the series' love of zombie-survival, and I don't mean just shooting through zombies. The trailer showcases gameplay elements like living in a survivalist compound, resource gathering, and resource management.

The first State of Decay first was released on the Xbox 360 in 2013 and was praised for its focus on resource management, which more and more zombie games have adopted in recent years. State of Decay 2 adds a cooperative multiplayer element to the game while doubling down on the one thing all players want in a zombie survival game: zombies.

State of Decay 2 hobbles onto Xbox One X consoles in Spring 2018. Go and see the trailer for yourself:

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