State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Tips - Zombies and Base Building

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Tips - Zombies and Base Building

A list of things that every survivor should know to stay ahead of the horde in State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition is filled with lots of zombies, gore, and tons of heads to bash into the pavement. As you progress further and further into the game, there are more and more things to worry about. Do you have enough food for your survivors? Is the area outside your base safe enough? Is your base big enough for your group? These are all important questions, and we’re going to help you answer them with some basic tips to help you get started.

Zombie Types and Combat Tips

Before we get into scavenging and building your base, it’s important that we cover the number one thing you’ll need to know in order to survive the zombie hordes roaming through State of Decay. Throughout the game world you’re going to find several different types of zombies, and knowing which one is which can help you to survive some pretty sketchy encounters.

First up are the normal zombies. These are pretty easy to identify, as they will be the only type of zombie that you run into during the early stages of the game. They also make up the game's hordes, which you're going to want to try and avoid if at all possible. Well, at least until you have some additional weapons and skills to bring to the fight.

The second type of zombie you’re bound to run into is the Screamer. As the name suggests, this zed screams, which disrupts your player movement, as well as attracts other zombies. Take these guys out from afar, and always make them your top priority in a fight.

The third zombie type is the Juggernaut. These are some of the toughest zombies to kill, as their huge bodies allow them to take a lot of damage. Be prepared for a tough fight when you come face to face with one, and we suggest high powered assault rifles, or just blatantly avoiding these suckers. If one manages to catch a glimpse of you, do your best to break line of sight.

Bloater zombies are a different story, however. They're tall, and very similar to the puke shooting creatures seen in games like The Last of Us and Left 4 Dead. They’re actually more like the exploding zombies from Dying Light, however, as they will immediately try to detonate near you, releasing a toxic gas cloud. This makes guns the best way to deal with these disgusting creatures.

The worst of the worst, and certainly one that you’ll come across often, are the Feral zombies. These are a pain in the neck to take down. The first problem is their speed. Once they spot you they are almost impossible to run down with a vehicle. If you come across one on foot, you'll know you're about to be attacked by the distinct sounds it makes, and you're in for a tough fight. Should you have one or two other survivors with you, however, you'll likely come out on the winning end without much trouble at all.

The final two zombie types are Swat and Army zombies. Both are extremely similar, and will require massive amounts of melee damage to defeat. It should be noted, however, that Army zombies are much faster than their armored brothers with Swat uniforms. If you see either of these, we suggest hitting them with a vehicle, or pulling out your strongest hammer.

Base Building and Recruiting Survivors

The first Home Site that players get to control, the Church of the Ascension, can be seen in the image above.

Now it’s on to the important planning of things. If you want to survive in the harsh world you’ve been deposited into, you’re going to need to build up your following. To do this you’ll need to make sure you base has enough space to accommodate additional survivors. Once you’re sure you have the upgraded areas you need (this can be accomplished by pulling out your journal and choosing construction options when you have the necessary supplies), simply head out into the surrounding area and find survivors holed up in nearby houses. Speak with the leaders there, and most often you’ll be given the option to ask them to join you. If they accept they will need to pack everything up, and at this point in time you’ll have to protect them from zombies attracted to the noise. If you outgrow your base, try setting up at a new location, just remember that you’ll need to rebuild all of your facilities again.

Scavenging for Supplies and Resources

If can be easy to get lost in chasing down all the story threads placed before you, but it’s important to keep side quests, and even free roaming at the front of your mind when you play State of Decay. This game is about survival, and if you want to survive, you have to have supplies. The best thing to do is look at your map and choose a certain area to hit each in-game day. This is especially helpful, because it keeps you from mindlessly wandering the town, searching the same buildings over and over again. We suggest choosing at least one building each day, and searching it from top to bottom. Carry (or radio in) any supplies you find, and then complete a side quest or story quest. This will make sure your colony of survivors stays well stocked with resources, and also ensure that you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of the game’s story.

Make sure to organize and clean out your Inventory regularly. There's no sense in carrying around a ton of broken weapons.

Vehicles and Exploring the Map

There’s an old country song that says you should know when to walk, and when to run away (or something like that), and the same life advice holds true in State of Decay. This is a game about caution, and just because there are dozens of open vehicles around, doesn’t mean you need to always be driving one. Like anything else in State of Decay there are pros and cons to riding around with the music up loud, and revving the engine at every corner. This makes noise, lots of noise, and noise attracts the undead. Save your vehicles. Don’t store them right beside your safe house, instead park them off a little ways, and walk the rest of the way. This is also a great thing to keep in mind when driving to and from objectives. Sooner or later you’re going to need to get out of the vehicle, and if you aren’t careful, you’re going to find yourself face to face with a zombie horde of your own creation. Use your brain, and make good judgement calls. Sometimes walking to your destination is the best idea.

Manage Your Inventory

If you don’t need it… drop it. This is a simple rule in the apocalypse, and if you don’t follow it, you’re going to find yourself out of space, out of breath, and surrounded by the undead. Sometimes you’re going to find good stuff that you'll have to leave behind. It’s just part of how the game works, and it can be torture when you have to choose between medical supplies or that nice shiny new axe you found in Old Man Whitaker’s cabin. If you find a melee weapon in better condition than your currently equipped item, then head outside and get the most use out of it before picking up the new one and leaving the tired and broken equipment behind. Any time your choice boils down to weapons or medical supplies, just keep in mind how many people are counting on you to bring back the necessary amount of each.

That's all the State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition we have for you today, but we'd love for you to join the discussion on the last video game to truly amaze you. Our USgamer team recently weighed in, and we'd really like to read your thoughts on the subject as well.

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