Steam Reveals Most Popular Controllers: Xbox 360 Controller Reigns, but There are a Lot of Surprises

Steam Reveals Most Popular Controllers: Xbox 360 Controller Reigns, but There are a Lot of Surprises

How do you play?

While mouse and keyboard controls offer advantages to PC gamers in genres like FPS and RTS games, there are other genres that work better with a console gamepad. That's why it's good to have a spare console controller around even if you only play on the PC. Steam released an in-depth report on the most popular gamepads used for Steam games.

Since 2015 over 30 million players registered at least one controller to their accounts and over 15 million players have registered more than one. The most popular of which is the Xbox 360 controller with 27.2 million controllers. Nearly neck-and-neck for second place is the PS4 controller and Xbox One controller at 12.2 million and 11.5 million respectively. The difference is minimal and could have something to do with console ownership. Weirdly enough engagement for Xbox One is nearly double that of the PS4 controller despite lagging by a million users. If they're like me they could have just used a PS4 controller since it was at hand.

Source: Valve

The real surprise comes with the 8 percent of "Other" controllers, which Valve broke down even further. A bulk of the "Other" controllers are Steam Controllers which have about 1.5 million users. The Switch Pro controller is one of the newest on the scene but has a healthy half-a-million users. According to Steam, the number of users jumped after May 1, 2018 when Steam officially updated to add Switch Pro Controller support.

Source: Valve

Where it gets really weird is in the niche controller space. Rockband instruments for example make up nearly 230,000 users and beats out retro controllers like the SNES gamepad as well as the GameCube controller. Then there's "Everything else" which tracks in at 118,410 and includes racing wheels, Nintendo 64 controllers (Who?!) and dancepads.

Basically, you can play video games however you want and according to Steam that's exactly what some players are doing. A full break down can be found over at Valve's blog but we'd love to hear what controller you use for PC gaming, if any.

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