Steam Summer Sale is Underway

I believe it's that time of year when it's customary to make tired old jokes about locking up your wallets. Yes, it's Steam Sale time.

News by Pete Davison, .

The Steam Summer Sale is here! Although, as usual, the store page is getting hammered at present, so it's entirely possible you won't be able to see what's on offer until later.

Fortunately, this is no problem to a Connecting to Websites that are Heavily Trafficked Ninja such as myself, and as such I am happy to bring you today's deals on Steam for your reference.

The headline Daily Deal for today is BioShock Infinite, which is around half its usual price, and now comes equipped with those Steam Trading Cards that everyone seems so excited about.

Alongside that, other featured deals include puzzle platformer Toki Tori 2+ for 34% off; space strategy 4X title Endless Space for 66% off; Don't Starve for 20% off; Scribblenauts Unlimited for 75% off; Left 4 Dead 2 for 75% off; Hotline Miami for 75% off; Call of Juarez Gunslinger for 33% off; Defiance for 66% off; and Mars War Logs for 33% off. All of these titles have been updated with Trading Card support.

Flash sales run for 8 hours instead of a whole day, and at the time of writing consist of Skyrim for half price; GRID 2 for 40% off; Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition for 70% off; and Counter-Strike Global Offensive for 66% off.

There's also a Community's Choice slot, but there isn't anything in that at the time of writing. In 8 hours' time, it'll be chosen between Dishonored for 66% off; Borderlands 2 for 66% off; and Far Cry 3 for 40% off. On the off-chance you can actually get at the Steam front page without an error 503, you can vote for which one you'd like to be the Community's Choice simply by clicking the relevant button.

Alongside these featured deals, there's a bunch of other stuff heavily discounted, but you might have to search for it. Particular highlights include Zeboyd Games' retro role-playing games, and Blot Interactive has kindly assembled a rather specialized list of Toronto-based indies who are participating in the sale. Indie dev Rob Remakes also has a list of the very cheapest things possible on the whole store.

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  • Avatar for Fractalhedron #1 Fractalhedron 4 years ago
    It's okay, Mr. Wallet; just close your eyes and you can go to that farm where you can run around with your banknotes and your cards all you want.

    *rack* *sobbing*
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  • Avatar for chriswalls84 #2 chriswalls84 4 years ago
    Except the sales are terrible today, surprisingly low discounted offers, but I guess we hae 11 more days to go.
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  • Avatar for weevilo #3 weevilo 4 years ago
    @chriswalls84 Bioshock Infinite is more than most people expected, it hasn't even been on sale yet and goes straight to 50% off. Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger is also first time on sale. Anti-chamber, Don't Starve and Hotline Miami are at new sale lows with previous lows at $9.99, $11.99 and $4.99 respectively. Scriblenauts Unlimited is probably the best deal after Bioshock at $4.99, only been on sale once at the previous lowest price of $7.49 on a daily deal. All I see are great deals on good games, looks to be a better start than the Christmas sale last time.

    EDIT: also noticed Double Fine's The Cave is at 75% off for $4.99, previous Steam low was 50% at $7.50, doubt it will go below this on a daily deal but who knows.

    Further EDIT: the flash deal for Dragon Age is higher than the previous Steam low of $7.50 and Gamer's Gate had it for $5 a while back. Can't win them all.Edited 3 times. Last edited July 2013 by weevilo
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  • Avatar for joshuasmith54 #4 joshuasmith54 4 years ago
    I enjoy/fear how Steam turns purchasing games into a game itself.
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  • Avatar for Fractalhedron #5 Fractalhedron 4 years ago
    The five rules of Steam Sale:

    1) Don't spend money you don't have:
    This should be obvious.

    2) Wait for a daily/flash/community pick:
    Steam sales are cheap; these are cheaper. If you miss one, and it shows up in one of the others, it'll usually do so at the same discount. These super-sale discounts often also show up on the final day, and even if they don't they're not worth losing sleep over.

    3) Seriously, don't spend money you don't have:
    In case you missed it before.

    4) Continue your cross-referencing:
    The Enhanced Steam plugin (and some of your own searchwork) is still your friend; some sites still have better deals, and third party DRM is still heinous. If the game doesn't have achievements - or you don't care about achievements - other game managers like Desura, GOG and Humble Store may be an option, and if the game uses Steamworks on Steam and not other services, they may be desirable even at a premium (and Humble Store games usually come with Steam keys anyway).

    5) Did we mention don't spend money you don't have?:
    Games aren't worth ruining your credit, relationships or kneecaps over.Edited July 2013 by Fractalhedron
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  • Avatar for weevilo #6 weevilo 4 years ago
    It's great buying games on sale that you'd never otherwise purchase, but I highly recommend supporting any indie game you really are excited about if you have the means by buying directly from the developer. Don't get me wrong, sales like these are still awesome for them, but I think the average viewer here is a cut-above and wouldn't mind going the extra mile. Here's a website that just went up that details all of the indies that use the Humble Bundle store, they take a 5% fee compared to the 30% most other digital retailers do.

    Also, a good site to see all of the current deals on Steam and most other retailers check out July 2013 by weevilo
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  • Avatar for Mork-twain #7 Mork-twain 4 years ago
    I am not a big fan of indies. I just bought Sleeping dog for less than 10 bucks. I can't wait till the download is finished.
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