Streamer Becomes One With the Goose With Makeshift Untitled Goose Game Controller

Streamer Becomes One With the Goose With Makeshift Untitled Goose Game Controller

Streamer Rudeism’s goose suit controller is honking beautiful.

"We have reached new heights of controller technology." Out of context, that might be an odd thing to hear from a man dressed up like a goose, but it's to be expected from streamer Rudeism. Known for his inventing and entertaining streams where he plays video games with controllers rigged up from Arduino boards and, well, pretty much anything, Rudeism's new achievement may indeed be his best.

Behold-a New Zealander in a goose costume that lets him play Untitled Goose Game by waddling, flapping his arms, and honking.

The only conventional controller element in the goose costume Rudeism recently debuted on Twitch is a thumbstick that determines the direction the goose is pointed in; everything else is controlled by specific sensors. The flippers on Rudeism's feet control walking and sprinting, the gloves on his hands are linked to the goose's wings, and the beak mask has a microphone that triggers a honk when detects sound. Rudeism runs into a little difficulty with head-bob motion he tied to the goose's beak grab, but he even masters that over the course of an hour-long stream.

Altogether, the goose suit might be one of the more intuitive controllers Rudeism has rigged up. Some of his previous experiments include playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with a blender and controlling Overwatch's Winston with a dozen or so bananas bound to different key inputs.

Really, the hardest part of playing Untitled Goose Game as a goose appears to be how hard it is to stay crouched in a goose pose. Rudeism gives up about 20 minutes into the stream, opting to waddle in his gaming chair as he completes the opening Groundskeeper section of the game.

That's great progress for an hour of goose impersonating, but don't expect a full speedrun with a goose suit any time soon. "I'm going to say one thing before we start: I do not promise to finish this game," says Rudeism at the top of the stream.

Header image via Rudeism's Twitch channel.

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