Street Fighter 3's Most Famous Evo 2004 Moment Rediscovered in New Video

Street Fighter 3's Most Famous Evo 2004 Moment Rediscovered in New Video

Moment 37 is back in a new video.

Before the advent of Twitch and other livestreaming services, footage of video game events was captured by hand on handheld recording devices. Now, new footage has just been dug up of arguably the most famous moment in fighting game championships: "Moment 37" from EVO 2004.

Evo Moment 37 refers the semi-final match between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. With one win a piece, the final battle was to decide the outcome of that particular round. Umehara was down to his last pixel of health before successfully baiting Wong into performing Chun-Li's Hoyokusen Super Art, which he then promptly parried.

Umehara parried all 15 consecutive hits successfully, before launching his own combo to win the round. Umehara only had a single pixel of health left and just one mistake would have ended it for Umehara. You can watch the clip below, but it's a bit NSFW for language.

The new footage of Moment 37, which captures the parry in all its glory, was uploaded by Mark Julio, Evo business developer and Tekken brand and community advisor. Crediting Ace R. for the footage, Julio writes, "Just unearthed this footage from Evo 2004. The SDTEKKEN group competed at this event and captured a lot of action from the Tekken 5 open location test. We also recorded some of the tournament action, including this short and legendary match. It was an alternate angle from the now famous Evo Moment 37 video."

Watching the clip today, it's still as inspiring as it must have been back in 2004. Wong cites Moment 37 as having "saved" the fighting game community, as attendance was slowly declining prior to then. Since then, the fighting game community has only grown alongside the rest of esports.

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