Street of Rage 4 Returns With a Bearded Axel and a New, More Cartoony Aesthetic

Street of Rage 4 Returns With a Bearded Axel and a New, More Cartoony Aesthetic

Retro fists of fury coming your way.

Are you angry about the current social and political state of the world? Rage. Rage in the streets. Dotemu and Lizardcube, the team behind the modern and very handsome Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap remake, is doing its part for the rebellion by giving us Streets of Rage 4.

Dotemu revealed Streets of Rage 4's existence and trailer in a press release distributed earlier today. The trailer shows off some animated scenes and character intros threaded around footage of the game, which has the same clean, modern look as the Dragon's Trap remake.

This is an exciting reveal, but questions galore linger. What platforms will Streets of Rage 4 call home (Dotemu promises an answer to this mystery is coming soon)? Will you be able to switch back to the neon-drenched 16-bit graphics and chiptunes that made the Streets of Rage series a must-own for the Sega Genesis (the cartoony aesthetic is neat, but Streets of Rage's "grit" is legendary)? Will venerable Streets of Rage music composer Yuzo Koshiro gift us with a song or two for the new game? What's with Axel Stone's beard? Most importantly: Where is Roo? Where is Skate?

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap was well-received when it came out in April 2017, and we're stoked to learn more about Streets of Rage 4. Stay with us as we learn the answers to "what can I play this on," "when's it coming out," and "seriously though, what's with Axel's new beard?"

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