Subnautica Coming to PS4 With Help From Panic Button

Subnautica Coming to PS4 With Help From Panic Button

All hands on deck.

Watery survival-adventure game Subnautica came out of PC and Mac at the dawn of 2018 after incubating in early access for several years. It's supposed to dock on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well, but the transition to console has been tricky.

Developer Unknown Worlds says it's getting some outside help from Panic Button for transition to Xbox One, as well as the PlayStation 4. "Moving a game from PC to Xbox is a difficult process. Subnautica is a big, complex piece of software," Subnautica producer Hugh Jeremy wrote on the game's official blog earlier today. "We were not moving fast enough, so we decided to shake things up and bring in outside help. We’ve partnered with Panic Button Games to finish Subnautica on Xbox One. Panic Button know consoles inside out."

"kiSS ME"

Jeremy assures potential console adopters that Panic Button is already hard at work, but it's not ready to publish an ETA on the final product yet. " As usual, we won’t promise any dates, because we will inevitably be wrong!"

Panic Button specializes in porting games to different consoles, particularly the Nintendo Switch. Kat recently talked to the team about the challenges that come with porting to Nintendo's new system.

Maybe Subnatica's warm tropical waters will arrive on consoles just as the weather begins to cool off. That wouldn't be so bad. We'll offer you updates on its transition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as news comes in.

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