Suda 51 Shows off New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Gameplay

Crossover t shirts galore.

Today on December 20, and special livestream for Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes took place. Suda 51 demoed the new gameplay from Travis Strikes Back, but our understanding of what was going on was slightly limited, given that the English translator for the Japanese stream was absent (we have no clue why).

Just below, you can see the livestream in full. Gameplay kicks off around the 18 minute mark, in which Suda gave us a look at some of the t shirts that Travis can equip in the game. There are shirts representing Hollow Knight, Mother 3, Earthbound, and more.

At around the 32 minute mark, you can see a slice of co-op gameplay, in which Suda and a producer take on a combat arena using one Switch Joycon each. Again, we can't confirm if any new gameplay details were revealed in the stream, because of the translator being absent.

Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes releases worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on January 18, 2019. If this sequel performs well on release, Suda 51 previously said that No More Heroes 3 could be on the cards.