Suda51 on No More Heroes: "I Still See Myself and Grasshopper as Indie Creators"

Suda51 explains his relationship with indie developers for his upcoming game: Travis Strikes Again.

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Suda51 returns to his delirious world of assassins with No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, slated to release on the Nintendo Switch. While not quite No More Heroes 3, it is the first Travis Touchdown adventure in seven years, and directed by Suda51 himself. We have a full interview with the director coming out tomorrow, but before we dive in, I wanted to briefly touch on why Travis Strikes Again settled on a collaborative format between Grasshopper Manufacture and various indie developers. As it turns out, it's because Suda 51 believes Travis himself would be a hardcore fan of indie games.

"I decided to work with indie developers because not only am I a huge fan of indie games, but I feel that Travis would definitely be a huge fan as well," says Suda51. "You can see him playing Hotline Miami in the trailer, and if you look closely you can see that he's actually really close to beating the game-that's how much of a fan he is."

Travis plays Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami made an appearance in the Travis Strikes Again trailer, with bits of the game's soundtrack even playing during the video. As you might know, Travis is a hardcore otaku, and all around nerd when it comes to things like video games, anime, and wrestling. The last time we saw Travis actually play a video game though was in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle where we as players could play a Touhou-like shoot em up mini game based on a fictional anime called 'Bizarre Jelly'. Safe to say that Dennaton's Hotline Miami is a bit of a change from an anime-inspired shooter.

However as much a fan of indie games Travis might be, they pale in comparison to how Suda51 feels about them. The director revealed a sense of kinship he has with the indie game community saying, "I also wanted to work with indie developers because I still see myself and Grasshopper as indie creators, which is how we began, and I wanted to show my support for these guys and help get the word out as I feel that what they're doing is truly great and they really deserve all the recognition they can get."

Be sure to check out our full interview with Suda 51 tomorrow where we talk more Travis Strike Again, Stranger Things, Boss Designs, and more.

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