Sunset Overdrive Is Grinding Onto PC Tomorrow

Sunset Overdrive Is Grinding Onto PC Tomorrow

Another Xbox One exclusive made more accessible.

Sunset Overdrive, one of the last true Xbox One exclusives, is confined to the console no longer. Announced in a tweet promoting tomorrow's This Week on Xbox, Insomniac's zany open-world action game is heading to Windows 10. And it's heading to PC very soon. Like tomorrow soon.

Insomniac Games, the developers behind Sunset Overdrive, confirmed the news on its own Twitter, along with its release date. Tomorrow on November 16, Sunset Overdrive is when it will be available on PC, retailing at $19.99.

Sunset Overdrive comes highly recommended from us, even landing on our Best 25 Games on Xbox One list. It's a fun outing for Insomniac in general, and you can see the stepping stones it laid for this year's Spider-Man in the light-hearted open-world adventure. For more on Sunset Overdrive, be sure to read our review from its original release on Xbox One in 2014.

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