Super Bomberman R Online Brings Bomberman Battle Royale to Stadia, Where No One Will Hear the Boom

Super Bomberman R Online Brings Bomberman Battle Royale to Stadia, Where No One Will Hear the Boom

Bombs away, Stadia owners.

Are you, like myself, a total loser at battle royale games? Do Zillenials spray you full of bullet holes as soon as you touch down in Fortnite? Konami has a solution for you. Super Bomberman R Online is coming on September 1, and it might be your battle royale redemption. For one thing, the Bomberman games are the well-trodden domain of those of us who grew up with the SNES. For another, Super Bomberman R Online is coming exclusively to Google Stadia, so you stand decent chance of winning against the five other contenders who play against you.

We kid, we kid. Matches in Super Bomberman R Online involve 64 other bombers, and I think Konami and Google should be able to make that number. Maybe. If you do have Stadia, Super Bomberman R Online appears to worth checking out. The premise is simple enough: Players square off in classic Bomberman action—that is, running around a maze, setting down bombs, and trying not to get caught in your enemies' explosions (or your own)—until there's only one Bomberman standing.

To sweeten the appeal, Super Bomberman R Online has some meaty customization options. You can dress up your bomber as Konami characters like Snake, Simon Belmont, Alucard, and that nightmare bunny mascot from Silent Hill. You can also customize your bombs so they explode in a flurry of flower petals, popcorn, and other objects that look harmless enough but will shred your opponents to bits.

Earlier today, Konami sent out a press release outlining the pricing for Super Bomberman R Online. Stadia Pro users will "have indefinite free access to the base game," and can also "claim the Premium Edition bundle" at no extra charge. With said premium pack, "players will have access to 14 additional characters that are equipped with special types and abilities. It will also include the capability to create private matches with your friends." Stadia Base players have to purchase the Premium Edition for $9.99—on top of their Stadia subscription. Konami says additional information about bundle pricing is "coming soon."

That's a big song and dance for anyone who just wants to play some battle royale Bomberman. It's a fun idea, but Stadia is a hard sell by itself. September 1 will reveal if there's enough juice in Stadia to carry Konami's idea. If there isn't, we can expect this game to [clears throat] bomb.

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