Super Bowl 2018 Depicts Quarterbacks Using PS2-era Character Models

Super Bowl 2018 Depicts Quarterbacks Using PS2-era Character Models

Tom Brady's got the jaggies. Pray for him.

The Super Bowl is a spectacle unlike any other in the sporting word. No expense is spared on presentation, merchandising, or the half-time show (well, usually).

It's therefore anyone's guess why last night's show featured a quarterback comparison between Philadelphia's Nick Foles and New England's Tom Brady that utilized, to quote redditor Speeider, "PS2 era graphics."

I feel like I shouldn't be looking at this without a free demo disc for Metal Gear Solid 2 in my hands.

There's some back and forth on the Gaming subreddit about whether the graphics are truly PlayStation 2-era quality, or maybe something more akin to what you'd find on the PlayStation 3 (albeit in a launch title). I'm not sure. In fact, the more I look at this screenshot, the more I'm convinced I'm looking at rejected Smash Bros trophies. The models are just off. The dead, blurry faces are one matter, but both players' bodies appear to be afflicted by some manner of alien rickets. Their "bones" are at weird angles, and something's gone terribly wrong with Nick Foles' crotch.

My diagnosis: Last-minute executive meddling from someone who was stoked about their kid's final project in Computer Rendering 101. Dearest digital Nick Foles and Tom Brady, I truly hope your suffering ended as soon as the lights went off over the U.S. Bank Stadium. I'm sorry for humankind's hubris.

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