Super Mario 64 Hack Mod De-Makes Super Mario Odyssey's Sand Kingdom

Super Mario 64 Hack Mod De-Makes Super Mario Odyssey's Sand Kingdom

Welcome to the new Sand Kingdom! Watch out for sharp edges.

An in-progress hack for Super Mario 64 lets Mario jump ahead a few console generations. Modder Kaze Emanuar is currently trying to bring Super Mario Odyssey's Sand Kingdom down to 64 bits, and so far it's some impressive-looking work.

Kaze Emanuar is known for the crazy digital witchcraft he performs with Super Mario 64 hacks, including his attempt to make the N64 classic run at 60 FPS and making a playable model of Bowsette, also known as the harbinger of humanity's doom. Kaze's re-creation of Odyssey's Sand Kingdom isn't as wild as the former or as unsettling as the latter, but it might be more ambitious than either.

Like most of Mario Odyssey's Kingdoms, the Sand Kingdom isn't a small piece of land. Its wide desert expanse contains several biomes, including a small town, deadly quicksand fields, and a poison swamp. There are numerous "indoor" areas filled with additional platforming and puzzles too. It seems Kaze has a good head start on his low-poly re-creation. We even get a glimpse of the region's big-handed statue boss, though Kaze doesn't interact with it.

64-bit Mario can also capture some of the enemies in the reconstructed Sand Kingdom with his hat, because what would be the point otherwise? We see Kaze possess (and stack!) Goombas before he possesses a spark and zips up a livewire to the higher regions of the Kingdom. All that's missing is the disgruntled sombrero-wearing NPC from the Metro Kingdom who clearly lost the draw when his family decided on that year's vacation spot.

If you want to know more about some of the crazy things people are doing with Mario's globe-trotting adventure, check out Super Mario Odyssey's dedicated speed-running community.

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