Super Mario 64 Mod Lets the Game Run at a Crazy 60fps

Super Mario 64 Mod Lets the Game Run at a Crazy 60fps

No way that crummy penguin will outrace Mario now.

Kaze Emanuar is famous for their weird but wonderful experimentations with Super Mario 64. One of their latest projects is especially neat to behold: A 60 FPS upgrade. Now Mario's premiere 3D adventure runs like butter slipping down an icy hill.

The 60 FPS Super Mario 64 mod has been available for some time, but it needed a lot of spit and polish. Kaze Emanaur has been hard at work ironing out the physics kinks and making all the game's stars accessible. You can download the mod yourself at the YouTube page for the demonstration video There's also 4K support for Mantis HD graphics plug-ins, though it currently makes the game stutter a bit.

The juxtaposition between Mario 64's chunky polygons and these silky-smooth 60 FPS movements is odd, to say the least. Odd, but fascinating. There might not be another game in Nintendo's catalogue that'd benefit from a modern HD upgrade more than Super Mario 64. Unlike a lot of retro 3D games, Mario 64's gameplay holds up very well. The experience is only brought down by its primitive graphics (which were still awe-inspiring for the '90s!) and awful camera controls. Both issues are certainly fixable. Let's have it, Nintendo!

Other Super Mario 64 projects by Kaze Emanuar include a mod that combines all the game's worlds into one giant Battle Royale arena, and another mod that lets players battle one another online. Unfortunately, Nintendo issued a cease and desist on the latter mod, but Kaze is trying again.

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