Super Mario Cereal Is Your Next Amiibo

Super Mario Cereal Is Your Next Amiibo

Take your taste buds on a flavor odysse-- no, I can't do this.

Nintendo and Kellogg's have teamed up to bring the world Super Mario Cereal. The cereal looks to be your normal child's concoction with soulless toasted oat pieces and marshmallows shaped like Mario's hat, question blocks, and 1-Up mushrooms. It's a direct shot at General Mills' Lucky Charms, but with Super Mario emblazoned on the front.

The trick is the cereal box also functions as an Amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey. Tapping the box to a Nintendo Switch gives players coins or a heart in the game. The box should hit store shelves around December 11 and it's listed as "limited-edition", so I wouldn't expect Amiibo functionality to stick around.

Executives everywhere are excited about Mario breakfast cereal.

"This powered-up partnership with Kellogg's is another exciting way for us to expand the Nintendo brand in unique and creative ways," said Tom Prata, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. "We are always looking for new opportunities to bring smiles to people of all ages, and this is a fun way to kick off the day."

"We are thrilled to pack so much fun into one box of cereal," said Brad Schwan, Senior Director of Morning Foods Marketing. "The package adds value and excitement for fans, with marshmallow shapes in the cereal inspired by Super Mario power-ups to tie the theme together."

It's cereal, y'all. It will sell like gangbusters.

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