Super Mario Maker 2 Doubles Its Course Upload Limit

Super Mario Maker 2 Doubles Its Course Upload Limit

There's another raise on the way, too.

If you've hit the wall in creating Super Mario Maker 2 courses, don't fret. An update to Super Mario Maker 2 today is bumping the max amount of uploaded courses for accounts from 32 to 64, and Nintendo is saying there's more on the way.

Besides the fun 32 and 64-bit framing, this is a big deal for major course uploaders. While 32 can seem like a lot, over the course of the game's lifespan this means creators have more room to make more courses, without scrubbing past creations. The bump in courses solves one of users' early issues with the game, and the update message (via Nibel) indicates another upload limit raise is on the way.

It's also reflective of Super Mario Maker 2's popularity compared to the first. It led June in NPD numbers. And by virtue of it being on the Nintendo Switch, still the best-selling hardware of 2019 according to NPD, versus the Wii U, the install base is greater, and so more courses are likely to be uploaded.

Hopefully none of those courses will get suddenly deleted due to course reporting, like what happened to a Kaizo level from David "GrandPOOBear" Hunt. Otherwise, users have been making and sharing some incredible levels with Super Mario Maker 2, many making clever use of the game's addition of On-Off Switches, like in levels that you have to beat facing backwards.

Be sure to check out Mike's weekly feature, Man vs. Mario Maker 2, to see what folks have been up to, and also to watch Mike subject himself to some pretty cruel levels. With the course upload upgrade, now even more levels are on the way for him to jump and duck his way through.

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