Super Mario Maker 2 Has All Its Build Features Unlocked From the Start, and It Feels so Fine

Super Mario Maker 2 Has All Its Build Features Unlocked From the Start, and It Feels so Fine

Super Mario Maker 2 makes it easier for you to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.

Whether you intend to play Super Mario Maker 2 like a professional game developer, or whether you intend to spatter bricks, dirt, and slopes everywhere like a child with a set of paints, you likely want to just build freely. Here's some news to help you build with an unburdened heart: Super Mario Maker 2's level builder has all its features unlocked from the start.

Though the original Super Mario Maker hit the Wii U in 2015 to great critical acclaim, there was some grousing from reviewers and players about the game's day-by-day unlocking system. The intention is good. Ideally, you should learn the basics of setting down bricks before you start fussing around with more complicated tools like conveyor belts.

Super Mario Maker 2 removes the foam-padded corners and other "safe-learning" devices, however. There's no gradual introduction of level-building tools. When I went hands-on with Super Mario Maker 2 at an event in New York City last week, I quickly felt overwhelmed by all the options in front of me. But it also felt good to get messy. I liked being able to test out all the new tools, enemies, and terrain Super Mario Maker 2 hands you. I honestly don't want to wait for days until I'm allowed to wreak havoc with Cat Bowser, slopes, and the Angry Sun (and I don't want to cheese the Nintendo Switch's internal clock to speed up time, either). Yes, I was the kind of kid who spent art class making a discordant mess with clay, markers, and glitter. I'm glad to see Nintendo acknowledges my ilk.

I was told Super Mario Maker 2 is still packed with optional lessons and hints for anyone who wants to learn how to build Nintendo-quality levels. I'm sure budding game developers young and old will put these tutorials to great use. In fact, I'm excited to see the challenges cooked up by level engineers who are serious about their craft. Meanwhile, I'll start my new Mario Maker adventure by building a level that's just a coin block cat floating in the void. It's symbolic, see?

Remember to visit our Super Mario Maker 2 guide and prepare yourself for its June 28 launch date.

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