Super Mario Maker 2 Creator Makes a Multiplayer Splitter in Nintendo's Absence

Super Mario Maker 2 Creator Makes a Multiplayer Splitter in Nintendo's Absence

A multiplayer course splitter helps you keep 'em separated.

No, dear friends, there is not a new update for Super Mario Maker 2. The last update Nintendo gave us was back in early December, adding The Legend of Zelda's Link as a playable character alongside a few new course items. Oh, it also increased the upload limit for course creators, but updates have been silent since then. So much squandered potential.

Instead, course creators are having to make their own rough additions. Take this multiplayer splitter from YouTuber Coffee Mario. Super Mario Maker 2's multiplayer throws 2-4 players into a single course, all vying to pass the same obstacles. But what if you wanted to split each player into their own course? Prior to now, there were ways to do so, but most involved killing the next player who tried to pass through the same spot as another.

The final contraption is a mix of one way walls, clouds, trampolines, and Thwomps. Upon entering, players hit a Mushroom, giving them a single hit to survive the Thwomp, which pushes them forward out of the splitter. There's only one way through, no way back, and no way to get yourself killed accidentally. Coffee Mario says you can add up to four of them, creating a branching course for the maximum number of players.

Sure, Nintendo could've added some course item to do the same in a very easy way. Or more playable characters. Or more course parts. Or anything really. I've already noted that Nintendo should get with the times and support its games over the long term. At least the hardcore community is still out here doing its best to improve Super Mario Maker 2 in any way, shape or form.

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