Super Mario Maker 2 Players Have Uploaded Over 4 Million Beautiful, Flawless Levels

Super Mario Maker 2 Players Have Uploaded Over 4 Million Beautiful, Flawless Levels

Every single one, a work of art.

Super Mario Maker 2 players have uploaded more than four million courses since the game's June 28 release date. It goes without saying that every single one of those courses are brilliant masterpieces that give legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto reason to sleep well at night, peaceful in the knowledge that he can retire and hand over Mario to the young engineers he helped cultivate.

OK, maybe not. Still, it's great to see a game community get engaged on such an intense level. Nintendo of Japan announced the milestone on its official Super Mario Maker 2 page yesterday (via Nintendo Everything), where it also expressed appreciation for everyone enjoying the game-building game.

"Enjoy" might be an understatement here, as Super Mario Maker 2 became a million-seller in a mere couple of days. Our own staff is having a great time forging levels that send hapless players plunging down pits that are as deep and wide as something out of a Poe story. Plus, there's some great single-player content to work through if you don't feel like throwing yourself against the digital terrors forged by the general public. In any case, the course upload limits haven't stopped people from creating, uploading, and creating some more.

If you're having trouble finding the best of everything Super Mario Maker 2 has to offer, check out our weekly Man vs. Mario Maker 2 series, which gathers up some of the coolest Mario Maker 2 levels we can find. For example, here's a list of levels based on other games, including The Legend of Zelda, Contra, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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