Super Mario Maker 2 Will Have Cat Bowser According to Japanese Ad

Super Mario Maker 2 Will Have Cat Bowser According to Japanese Ad

Don't think about the size and contents of Cat Bowser's litterbox—Oh, too late.

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to the Switch in June, and what little we know about its new features already indicates it's a big jump over 2015's Super Mario Maker. For one thing, it seems Cat Bowser (Ahem, "Meowser") is in Super Mario Maker 2. The inclusion of the cat king is some serious "Take my money!" incentive.

Popular YouTube channel GameXplain managed to mine a lot of new information about Super Mario Maker 2 yesterday from a Japanese ad. The info is based on a handful of fuzzy screenshots, so it's best to be cautious before deciding everything in the video is gospel. That said, some of the new additions are still near-unmistakable, like the seeming ability to partially flood a level. As GameXplain points out, water levels in Super Mario Maker typically need to have their own separate section that's bookended by pipes.

Some less-certain (but still probable) additions include the ability to put Charvaargh lava dragons in your level, the ability to line your levels' ceilings with icicles, and the ability to hang items and enemies on tracks typically reserved for moving blocks. Finally, there are yellow and blue pipes in addition to the red and green pipes from the first game, and there's an unidentifiable white block in one screenshot.

GameXplain thinks the white block might be a Cloud Block or signal the return of the Miiverse messages that helped make the first game so fun. I personally think it looks like the white block you duck behind in Super Mario Bros. 3 to grab the Warp Whistle in 1-3. Watch everyone be completely off-base here.

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming out this June, and we're happy to tell you everything we know about it so far. We're sure more information is forthcoming, including whether or not we'll receive the same amazing Super Mario Maker 2 stylus announced for Japan and Europe.

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