Super Mario Maker 2's Adorable Themed Stylus Isn't Coming to North America

Super Mario Maker 2's Adorable Themed Stylus Isn't Coming to North America

Super Mario Maker 2's cool stylus for attractive level designers isn't on the menu for North Americans.

Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch lets you build levels with the Switch's touch screen, or with any Switch-compatible joystick (including the Joy-Cons). While the controller options are cool, the touch screen remains the easiest way to construct Mario Maker levels. It's just a shame we aren't getting the awesome Super Mario Maker 2 stylus Japan and Europe are getting.

I attended a Super Mario Maker 2 hands-on event in New York City last week, where I asked if we'll possibly get the Mario Maker 2 stylus. Alas, the Nintendo representatives at the event shot me down. There currently aren't any plans to bless North America with the accessory, which is currently part of a pre-order bundle overseas.

North America's exclusion from Club Stylus is a bit of a drag. I didn't get to try using the Switch's touch screen during my time with Super Mario Maker 2's level builder (the demo units were all docked), but it's safe to assume there's a decent drag-and-drop mechanic at play. That's fine; the Switch's touch screen is responsive enough for the task. But I hate smearing my finger around the Switch's screen. Thankfully I have a (boring, grey) smartphone stylus that'll serve me just fine.

Again, designing stages with a controller is an option in Super Mario Maker 2. As you might imagine, it's a clunky process; if you're a serious designer, you might find it difficult to add fine details using the analog stick. It's certainly doable, however, and Super Mario Maker 2 has options and features that make level-building generally less tedious compared to the original Super Mario Maker. The enemy icons and features you use most are "bookmarked" at the top of the screen, which is a useful shortcut. You can also click on an enemy or character sprite to bring up a wheel of options if you want to make a quick change—adding wings to a Koopa Troopa, for example.

Take a look at our Super Mario Maker 2 guide in preparation for the game's release on June 28. Maybe Nintendo will have a change of heart about the stylus before then. Let us pray.

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