Super Mario Odyssey Celebrates All the Spin-Offs of Mario's Past Through Costumes

Super Mario Odyssey Celebrates All the Spin-Offs of Mario's Past Through Costumes

Even Super Mario Maker makes an appearance.

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Super Mario Odyssey, releasing on October 27 this year, introduces a colorful, disorienting world for Mario to explore. He throws his hat at things, adopts their identity, and wreaks havoc. It's a harrowing adventure for our favorite overall-clad plumber, but the clothes he can wear throughout the journey hearken to his extremely checkered past.

At E3, Nintendo's demoing Super Mario Odyssey like crazy. On the show floor, exclusively for press, on Nintendo Treehouse streams. With all those nifty demos, we're getting our first glimpses of Mario in the bombastic New Donk City, the eerie Deep Woods, and more. And the outfits he dons in these kingdoms are all quite familiar: they're of the Mario spin-offs of games' past.

As multiple people have pointed out on Twitter and Reddit, costumes of the construction worker of Super Mario Maker, the stripes of NES Open Tournament Golf, Chef Mario from Yoshi's Cookie, in addition to others have all shown up across the trailers and demos for the upcoming game. Thus far, it's not apparent if there are story-stricken reasons for these, or if it's just a celebration of all things Mario.

The familiar outfits have raised excitement across the Mario community, as players wonder what other costumes the adventuring plumber will don as he throws his hat across new worlds. It's wholly embracing Mario's lengthy and colorful history, not just across mainline games, but beyond as well. Personally, I'd love to see Conductor Mario from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, maybe for a Fantasia-like mechanic of bringing miscellaneous objects to life—maybe even dancing by a boombox like Mario does in Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey will be out for the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

Edit: A prior version of this story attributed the featured Mario's chef uniform as being from Game & Watch. It's actually based on his appearance in the NES title Yoshi's Cookie. (But, to be fair, there is a cooking mini-game with ol' Mario in a later version of Game & Watch).

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