Super Mario Odyssey Data Mined, Unused Zombie and 8-Bit Mario Revealed

Super Mario Odyssey was recently data mined, and a whole host of new and unused costumes for the titular character were revealed.

The data miners have once again been hard at work, this time uncovering hidden and unused content featured in the dark depths of Super Mario Odyssey.

As you can see in the complete video just below, there are a bunch of new outfits for Mario that may never even see the light of day in the game. Nintendo might choose to release some as DLC, but others may never be officially released.

Firstly there's the Racing Outfit for Mario, then there are the four outfits that all the Broodle bosses wear throughout Super Mario Odyssey, including the Harriet outfit and the Rango outfit, complete with rabbit ears descending from the hat. Perhaps more interesting are Zombie and 8-bit Mario outfits. The first is a bit of a departure for family friendly Mario, while the latter is undeniably cool.

Super Mario Odyssey released for the Nintendo Switch back on October 27, 2017. It marked Mario's first outing on the Switch and was met with tremendous reviews. On USgamer we awarded the game a 5/5 in our Super Mario Odyssey review. The game went on to sell 10.41 million copies and will likely continue to sell for the life of the Switch.

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