Super Mario Odyssey Fans Are Using Photo Mode to Take Some Hilarious Pictures

Super Mario Odyssey Fans Are Using Photo Mode to Take Some Hilarious Pictures

No point in going on an odyssey if you can't snap a few photos. Odysseus knew this.

Super Mario Odyssey has a surprisingly robust photo mode. Not only can you snap elaborate pictures of Mario with the game's stunning scenery as a backdrop, but you can add filters and a pseudo-3D effect.

While you're welcome to snap tame pictures of Mario gazing at New Donk City's impressive skyline, Mario Odyssey's wide array of costumes, props, and NPCs serve as a toybox for photo enthusiasts who are really invested in capturing Mario's goofier shenanigans.

And when it comes to snapping "Look at me!" moments in Mario games and then sharing them on social media, Nintendo fans don't hold back. Here is Mario at his best: Candid, bold, and in medias res.

Mario can't be blamed for coveting Pauline's hat. I know I do.

I'm also 5'0", and ... yeah, same.

Dorrie is "Coping during the crisis," but I don't think I can make the same boast.

"Mama-mia, I need to-a ask the a-Pope about this…"

I don't exactly know why, but I picture Mario humming his own theme song in this picture.


"What's 'normal', anyway? Well, not me. I look like a side show next to the rest of these New Donkers."

Do the Bonneters breed those top hat-wearing ghost-birds? 'Cause I want ten.

Don't duck into an outhouse, Mario, and you'll be fine.

The ceremony was halted after the pupper swallowed the ring. The couple wil try again when the ring re-appears in two days or so.

That, or a screenshot for a new Limbo game.

I think this is what's known as "A rendezvous with destiny."

Super Mario Odyssey isn't even a week old. The picture-snapping frenzy has only begun. If you enjoy haunting Twitter, brace yourself for a lot of vacation photos from a short Italian guy.

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