Super Mario Odyssey Has a Gorgeous Photo Mode, New Nintendo Switch Bundle

Take some stellar photos in Super Mario Odyssey

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Today's Nintendo Switch announcement delivered a whole bunch of new details regarding one of the Switch's biggest holiday titles, Super Mario Odyssey. Chief among them is a new photo mode that lets players create their own custom Mario wallpapers. But also, and maybe most importantly, you can play fetch with a dog.

Super Mario Odyssey continues to be Nintendo's most gonzo title, with the new trailer demonstrating new levels like a classic throwback to the original Donkey Kong arcade game (complete with pixelated graphics), to a demonstration of just how far you can take Mario's "capture" powers (you can capture the letter "M" from the Super Mario logo).

The biggest new feature is Super Mario Odyssey's photo mode which lets you capture a screenshot from the game, and edit it for either landscape or vertical frames (so for your smartphone). It looks like a pretty robust photo mode as well and the examples Nintendo showed off today at the livestream were downright stunning.

There's also a new Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle complete with two Mario red joy-cons, and a carrying case that I'm salivating over.

Expect all this and probably more (because seriously, Super Mario Odyssey is wild) when the game comes out for the Nintendo Switch on October 28.

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  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn #1 Mikki-Saturn 8 months ago
    I was pretty excited for this game before, but this direct really pushed that up a few notches. My one big concern was the number of levels - I felt that Sunshine just didn't have enough stages, and enough variety, to feel like a proper follow up to Mario 64. Unless I've miscounted I believe we are now up to 9 stages in this game - and they look fantastically diverse, and quite large, and I believe the narrator said there were more. Well, my concerns are pretty much over now! I really can't wait for this game!
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