Super Mario Odyssey Shows Off the Luncheon Kingdom, a Heaven for Foodies

Super Mario Odyssey Shows Off the Luncheon Kingdom, a Heaven for Foodies

Super Mario Odyssey showed off an exclusive level at Gamescom

Super Mario Odyssey director Yoshiaki Koizumi took the stage at Gamescom today to show off a new stage from the upcoming, supernatural, Mario game. The livestreamed demo showed off one a new world called the Luncheon Kingdom.

The Luncheon Kingdom is a bright, candy-colored, food-themed world based off of Europe. That's because Koizumi says that European countries like Italy are known for their food culture which is often diverse and rich.

Mario starts the world in Peronza Plaza, which is full of monumental, crystallized fruits and vegetables. There he interacts with some living cooking tools, while collecting multi-colored vegetables. Apparently, each world in Super Mario Odyssey will have unique currency. Considering there are no more lives, it's probably so you can purchase unique items in a world's store. For example, before embarking out to the rest of the of the Luncheon Kingdom Mario can even purchase a chef outfit (complete with chef hat).

We also get a chance to see more of Mario's capture ability which I'm still not entirely sold on. Take the fact that Mario can take over the inanimate fireball to traverse across the pink lake of lava. I mean, taking over other enemies is one thing, but I'm not sure about what's possible when it seems like Mario can take over most anything.

I'm also curious to see whether or not specific possessions (or "captures") are specifically for certain puzzles. In the Luncheon Kingdom, one puzzle requires you to capture some hammer bros to break open some cheese bricks, but I wonder if the ability will lend itself to moments outside of puzzles.

Super Mario Odyssey comes out on the Switch on October 27.

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