Super Mario Odyssey's New Content Lets You Freak Out Luigi

Super Mario Odyssey's New Content Lets You Freak Out Luigi

Mario! You got married without telling your brother? You monster!

When Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on its January 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation (after we all went a little crazy), we learned new content was destined for Super Mario Odyssey. And, well, it's here! Hooray!

All you need to access the new Super Mario Odyssey stuff is one Nintendo Switch and one copy of Mario's latest romp across Whimsytown. There's nothing super-fancy about the update (barring some suave new threads), but it's my mission in life to report every instance when Luigi's allowed to step foot outside his brother's shadow.

Unfortunately, Luigi's not playable in Super Mario Odyssey (yet), but he pops up to guide Mario through Odyssey's new "Balloon World" game. In Balloon World, you can hide a balloon for other players to find or find a hidden balloon yourself. I'd rather help Luigi install a motor to make his new bowtie spin. I'd also be happy with a "Balloon Trip" mode that lets you soar freely around Odyssey's kingdoms, but eh. It is what it is.

Now THIS is an outfit that screams "Unload all your cheap tourist garbage on me, merchant friend."

Other updates include Coin and Neon filters for the game's camera, and new outfits for Mario. There's a musician hat and jacket ensemble, a gaudy beach get-up that harkens back to Super Mario Sunshine, and a suit of armor that's well-suited (ha!) for the dragon-infested Ruined Kingdom.

If you talk to Luigi while you're wearing some of Odyssey's new or old outfits, you can break his brain.

There's a lot of add-on potential to Super Mario Odyssey, so hopefully this isn't the last we'll see of the game's extra content. That Super Mario Sunshine get-up speaks of possibility and prophecy. For more on the game, check out our Super Mario Odyssey guides.

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