Super Nintendo World Will Let You Treat the Theme Park Like a Real-Life Video Game

Super Nintendo World Will Let You Treat the Theme Park Like a Real-Life Video Game

Just make sure any pipes you jump down don't lead to the park's septic tanks.

A new video gives us a sneak peek at what you can expect from part of the Super Nintendo World experience at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, if you're lucky enough to go there. Universal's "We Are Born to Play" trailer suggests—via singing and impressively-choreographed dancing—that visitors will sync special watches with their smartphones for an AR experience through a virtual Mushroom Kingdom.

Tokyo Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori tweeted Universal Studios Japan's "We Are Born to Play" presentation earlier today. "USJ Marketing Director Ayumu Yamamoto says... If Disney is the dreamworld then USJ is the wake world where we will energize you and make you feel alive," she writes. Universal's trailer looks energetic, to say the least. Visitors pour into the Mushroom Kingdom, stomp Goombas, grab power-ups, and gather coins.

It's highly doubtful Goomba murder is actually possible in the park. The video exists to sell potential visitors on the app/wristwatch (called the "Power Up Band") combination that lets you gather digital coins and power-ups while you explore. Your score is tallied against other players as they explore the park as well.

Not thrilled by the prospect of running around the park to get a high score? No worries. Super Nintendo World will have rides too, including a Mario Kart ride. Why engage in physical activity when you can sit and throw banana peels at other visitors? (Please let us throw banana peels at other visitors, Universal.)

Further details about the Power Up Band are fuzzy at this stage. You can try it out for yourself if you can attend the opening of Super Nintendo World this Summer. If Osaka's a bit too far down the street, a Hollywood location will be opening later, so Californians can also try to speedrun Mario World in real life.

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