Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Report Suggests Highest Input Lag of Any Game in the Series

But players can't agree on the problem...or the solution.

Something about the way Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's buttons react feels off, that much the Super Smash Bros. community seems to agree. What seems to be conflicting the community is why this is happening, whether it's the noted problems with the game's online network, or a new report suggesting Ultimate has the most input lag of any other Smash Bros. game in the series.

According to an analysis video by the YouTube series Button2Pixel registers the most input lag in the series at about six frames. For comparison, Super Smash Bros. Melee registers three frames. But while this video has been taken up by the Super Smash Bros. subreddit as a reason for the slow feeling in Ultimate, others aren't so sure.

Commenters are putting forth alternatives for Ultimate's off-feeling, including the fact that six frames is similar to that of Street Fighter 5 and the newest Tekken, or that even if the input lag is highest on Ultimate it should only affect the best players where these small variables matter. Some have even suggested the problem lies in with the television sets players use for their games.


These explanations haven't satisfied everyone, and while there are those who say they feel they are unaffected, the community appears to be seeking some kind of official fix from Nintendo for the difference in how Ultimate feels compared to previous games.

And none of this takes into account Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's online network which has been routinely criticized by players. While the simple act of getting online to work at all is already a barrier for players, the actual online experience can range from slightly laggy, to unplayable. It's probably why Nintendo recommends players put up for the Ethernet adapter accessory for the Nintendo Switch.

But this problem isn't new. The running joke of the Smash community is how nothing can live up to Super Smash Bros. Melee, but no game in the series has been as fast-playing as Melee since its release. But whatever the reason, players are noticing a slowness to the game, and we'll see if Nintendo responds to these complaints either in future updates or patches.

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