Supergiant Games on Pyre Coming to Switch: "It Would Already Be Done If It Were Simple"

Supergiant's Greg Kasavin reaffirms the unlikelihood of Pyre coming to Switch anytime soon.

The games from the indie studio Supergiant Games all bear a distinctive look, marrying pristine art, some killer music usually, and memorable stories. They comprise some of the most beloved action games of the past decade, from Bastion to Pyre. That latter one, Pyre, is the least action-focused of its initial trio of games, instead feeling more like a sports game crossed with a visual novel. It's a baffling mix, but it mostly works, miraculously.

As Supergiant's first two games Transistor and Bastion made their way to Switch in late 2018, fans were left wondering about Pyre and when it was coming for the console. At the time, the team noted in a blog that it'd be a "small undertaking" to bring Pyre to new platforms. At DICE Summit a couple of weeks ago, writer and designer with Supergiant Greg Kasavin reaffirmed the reasoning.

"Pyre on the Switch is something we really appreciate the interest in," says Kasavin. "It's one of those things where it would be lovely if we could just wave a magic wand and have that be a thing but it just, and I would never excuse make around the technical challenges around it, but it would already be done if it were simple."

Supergiant Games utilize custom technology for all its games, which makes it significantly harder to port things to other platforms. Kasavin also notes that for a team as small as theirs, there's an opportunity cost to consider too—especially with an ongoing early access game currently in development.

"As a small team of fewer than 20 people, all of those decisions to bring our games to new platforms carry significant opportunity costs where it's like, 'hey we could drop what we're doing and work on another version of Pyre, but it's going to mean that we don't work on Hades,'" says Kasavin, noting the new roguelike dungeon crawler Supergiant has in development, which is an exclusive for the Epic Games Store. "And after working on Pyre for three years, we really wanted to go on and move on to the next thing."

Unfortunately, fans shouldn't be anticipating Pyre to make a surprise release on Nintendo Switch anytime soon. But in the meantime, players can check in with Supergiant's latest game Hades, an Epic Games Store exclusive in early access which is getting substantial monthly updates. For fans of Supergiant's catalogue, it's not to be missed. You can check out our full interview with Kasavin, wherein he talks at length about Hades' development and how the Epic Games Store partnership came to be.

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