Supersampling Anti-Aliasing is Coming to the PlayStation 4 Pro

Supersampling Anti-Aliasing is Coming to the PlayStation 4 Pro

Be gone, jagged edges.

The PlayStation 4's 5.50 beta update rolled out earlier today, and it appears PS4 Pro owners will soon have the option of turning on system-wide Supersampling.

Supersampling is a form of anti-aliasing, and anti-aliasing is a term you heard a lot in the '90s thanks to Donkey Kong Country's revolutionary graphics and the upcoming N64. But of those of you who were still gumming teething rings in the '90s, here's the gist: Anti-aliasing is one of a few methods of smoothing out the jagged lines (aka "jaggies") that show up often in games. Supersampling produces the best results of any other anti-aliasing method by far, but it requires a lot of computing power as a trade-off.

Image source: Tyaren on Resetera

People who are playing the PS4 Pro on a 1080 TV will get the most out of Supersampling, but the notes for the feature point out results will differ game-by-game—and, given the power Supersampling requires, turning the feature on might affect a game's performance.

Xbox One X already offers system-wide Supersampling, so this is a bit of catch-up on Sony's part. Also, some PS4 games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, have Supersampling options baked-in.

Want to know more about the joys of Supersampling and anti-aliasing? Overclock has a great explainer.

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