Support Your Favorite Heroes of the Storm Teams Financially by Cheering for Them on Twitch

Support Your Favorite Heroes of the Storm Teams Financially by Cheering for Them on Twitch

Blizzard introduces a new crowdfunding initiative for Heroes of the Storm esports.

Blizzard is dipping its toes into crowdfunding after announcing a new partnership with Twitch that will allow fans of the Heroes Global Championship (HGC) to contribute directly to their favorite Heroes of the Storm teams with in-app purchases offered by Twitch.

Heroes of the Storm

Called "Cheering with Bits", fans can purchase unique Twitch emotes and in-game banners that can be used to cheer on their favorite HGC teams in Twitch's chat app. The service will kick off on August 1 and be available for all 32 HGC teams across the world, including teams in North America, China, Europe, and Korea.

Cheering for your favorite team will also unlock more items for fans. Twitch will track the amount fans cheer for their team, and unlock team-specific items like banners, sprays, and badges for both Heroes of the Storm and Twitch, as well as Loot Chests, mounts, and emotes based on a fan's personal cheer record.

The cheer initiative for HGC is another big push into Blizzard's esports initiative. The company recently announced a war chest system for StarCraft 2 where portions of the proceed will go to the StarCraft 2 prize pool.

This is also Blizzard's first crowdfunding move for Heroes, considering both Valve and Riot Games introducing crowdfunding initiatives for Dota 2 and League of Legends respectively. Blizzard told Dot Esports that the teams "will receive one half of one cent for every Bit used to Cheer for them," a Bit being Twitch's in-service currency. So basically, the more you cheer on a team, the more money they'll get, and the more goods you'll unlock for yourself and your fellow fans.

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