Surgeon Simulator Dev Launches Give 'Trump the Finger Charity' Campaign

With the President visiting the United Kingdom, one UK developer has opened an odd charity campaign.

News by Mike Williams, .

The President of the United States is currently visiting the United Kingdom and not everyone there is happy about it. Bossa Studios, the developer of Surgeon Simulator, has announced that it will give 100 percent of the revenue generated by the game during the visit to charity. The name of the charity is "Give Trump the Finger".

President Trump was added to Surgeon Simulator as downloadable content way back in June 2016. In the release, players were tasked with giving Trump, then the Republican Party's nominee for President, a heart transplant. Players could choose to give trump a heart of gold or heart of stone.

The trip itself has been met with a number of large-scale protests around the UK, but this seems to be the first developer commenting on it directly. The respondents to the tweet above seem to have chosen Special Effect, a UK-based charity focused on helping people with disabilities play video games, as the recipient for the campaign.

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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #1 SargeSmash 4 months ago
    Classy. :P
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  • Avatar for Fourfoldroot #2 Fourfoldroot 4 months ago
    Wow, how childish. A good way to get publicity I guess. But then we were pretty childish in the UK too with that silly baloon. Surely personal attacks should be left to babies on gaming forums and other unimportant issues, not political debate?
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