Surgeon Simulator Slices Its Way onto Switch with Motion Controls

Surgeon Simulator Slices Its Way onto Switch with Motion Controls

Relax and enjoy yourself. It's not like you're a doctor or something.

Bossa Studios is bringing Surgeon Simulator to the Nintendo Switch. Buy gauze. Buy a lot of gauze.

There's an unspoken emphasis on the "simulator" portion of Surgeon Simulator's title. This is a game where you're not simply expected to perform major surgeries without any kind of training: You have to deal with a lack of basic motor function, too. To make things even more distressing, the Nintendo Switch version has local co-op, motion controls, and HD rumble. Now the blood of your patients need not be on your hands alone!

Surgeon Simulator for the Switch carries a "CPR" subtitle that stands for "Co-op Play Ready." The "CPR" should also stand for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation," but you're not that kind of doctor. If your patient's lungs somehow manage to hit the ceiling while you're performing a routine appendectomy, well, it's clearly meant to be.

Surgeon Simulator CPR also contains the extra content from the original game's A&E Edition and Alien Autopsy mode. That means there's eye and teeth transplants on tap, if you want 'em.

Bossa Studios teased the imminent arrival of Surgeon Simulator for the Switch with a short trailer it posted at the beginning of the month. You'll be able to perform portable surgeries for yourself this fall.

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