Surprise! Monument Valley 2 is Available on iOS Devices Right Now

One of the prettiest mobile experiences is back.

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Monument Valley is a de facto ambassador for quality mobile gaming. Monument Valley even had an important crossover appearance in Netflix's House of Card which was kind of weird. So it comes as a welcome surprise that a Monument Valley sequel was suddenly announced at today's Apple WWDC. What's even better is that Monument Valley 2 is available right now for iPhone and iPad.

Monument Valley iOS Review: Short But Phenomenally Sweet

It's said that a candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. If so, Monument Valley is the gaming equivalent of that candle.

Monument Valley 2 was announced during a presentation for Apple's iOS 11. The game was given a quick glimpse during the presentation, and before anyone realized what was happening, Monument Valley 2 became available on the iOS App Store for $4.99.

A brief trailer shows off the game's aesthetics which look very much like the original's, though with a deeper color palette than I remember from the first game. The same geometric puzzle gameplay from the first Monument Valley returns, but it appears that players now control both a mother character and a child character simultaneously. The first Monument Valley only featured a single playable character.

When Monument Valley released in 2014, the game was met with critical acclaim. Monument Valley became won plenty of end-of-year awards for mobile gaming for offering a deep experience with minimalist storytelling and memorable electronic soundtrack.

Previously, developers ustwo Games were unsure of whether or not to pursue a sequel, having followed-up Monument Valley with a VR experience, Land's End, on the Gear VR.

No word yet on an Android release but we will update the story with new details.

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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #1 NiceGuyNeon A year ago
    The original is wonderful. The expansion is wonderful. I'm hopeful for this one.
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  • Avatar for tutu18 #2 tutu18 A year ago
    That's an awesome news. Monument valley is a lovely game to play on iPhone. If you download TutuApp iOS, then you can download any paid game for free on iOS.
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  • Avatar for muzzo #3 muzzo A year ago
    What this game lacks in length, it has in depth. Every aspect is thoroughly designed and it shows. The artwork is stunning, filled with detail and lovingly crafted. The game play is so smooth that you almost don't realize how complex are the puzzles; manipulating this strange world with bizarre geometry becomes second nature right from the start. And the sound design is just perfect. Every interaction with the world highlighted with beautiful sounds that don't feel out of place. Every part of the game comes together in a lovely whole
    KV Tech
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