Surprise! PlatinumGames Has a Fifth "Platinum4" Reveal Very Soon

Surprise! PlatinumGames Has a Fifth "Platinum4" Reveal Very Soon

The announcements aren't done quite yet.

PlatinumGames have been announcing multiple projects under the banner of "Platinum4" for the last few weeks. Although all four announcements have actually been made, there's a surprise fifth one on the way.

The reveal of the reveal was made earlier today on April 3, through the official Platinum4 website. We don't yet have any idea of what the new fifth reveal is, but the PlatinumGames Twitter account is teasing a "Bonus Stage" of sorts.

So far, the four Platinum reveals over the last few weeks have all been pleasant surprises. The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter campaign was the first announcement of the four, which ended up grossing well over one million dollars by the time it ended, with the game coming to the PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The second reveal was Hideki Kamiya's next game: Project G.G. The superhero game will be directed by Kamiya, and right now there's not a huge amount of information to go on, outside of the Ultraman vibes the reveal trailer gives off.

Next, PlatinumGames studio president Inaba revealed a new studio opening in Tokyo. The new Platinum studio is dedicated to supporting live service games, which perhaps hints at the future of Platinum.

The fourth reveal was, well, an April Fools joke, which we probably should've seen coming considering the reveal was set for April 1. Right now, we're just waiting for the fifth and likely final reveal from Platinum.

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