Swery Demos a Full Half Hour of Gameplay for The Good Life

Welcome to The Good Life.

News by Matt Kim, .

Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro recently relaunched the campaign for his murder-mystery game The Good Life, this time on Kickstarter. As part of the game's media tour, Swery attended this year's PAX East 2018 where he showed off almost half an hour of a pre-production build of the game.

The Good Life stars New York photographer Naomi. After running up a huge debt she goes to a quiet British town to shore up some cash to pay off her debts. Unfortunately for her two things happen in this town: a murder she must now solve, and once a week everyone turns into a cat or dog. The gameplay video however deals with the day-to-day mechanics of the game.

The video showcases some of the many activities available to Naomi in her day-to-day life. The slife-of-life aspect of the game is definitely one of the more unique and interesting draws of The Good Life and it's exciting to see it explored for half an hour. Naomi can investigate as a private eye part-time, or upload photos from her camera to an Instagram-style social media service called Flamingo. One of the RPG elements in the game is the ability to upgrade Naomi's camera after earning more money.

Swery's previous game, Deadly Premonition, had a robust NPC system where depending on the time of day the NPC was off living their own life, independent of the game. A similar system will be in The Good Life, but Swery told USgamer at this year's GDC, it will be even more advanced. The NPC's will be powered by AI and player action will impact NPC action in a more interesting way.

The Good Life is currently funding on Kickstarter where it is aiming for a $633,391 USD goal. The Good Life is partnered with several game companies in Japan including Sony's Unties indie game venture and the game will release on PC and PS4 if funded successfully.

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