SWERY's New Game Will Let You Prowl the Town as a Feline, Investigate a Murder

SWERY's New Game Will Let You Prowl the Town as a Feline, Investigate a Murder

The game was leaked prematurely through a FIG newsletter.

Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as Swery or Swery65, announced earlier this month that he has a new game in development with his new studio White Owls. He didn't say what, without even a name or details, only that he was going to unveil it during his upcoming PAX panel. Thanks to a premature FIG newsletter, that project's been revealed, and it couldn't be more jarring.

Swery's creating a mystery RPG called The Good Life, which has a sunny disposition that's virtually the opposite of his past games like the cult hits Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. In The Good Life, the player is a photographer visiting "the happiest town in the world." The England-based town, called Rainy Woods, actually bears a dark secret though: there's a mysterious murder, and all its residents surprisingly turn into cats come nightfall. Shockingly, the photographer turns into a cat too, and you're tasked with navigating the world as a temporary feline.

"This game will inherit the spirit of Deadly Premonition, my most representative work, but it will also feature a brand new style of gameplay," said Swery in the newsletter. "It's a mystery game based on the framework of a 'daily life RPG.' I'm positive that the happiest town in the world and the most bizarre townspeople in the world will capture your heart and pull you deep into their world."

In addition to FIG's newsletter, photos, concept art, and a trailer for The Good Life has leaked. The game looks like it will blend 2D art with a low-poly polygonal world for exploration. In the meantime, the FIG crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life isn't set to launch for another 18 days, which matches when Swery will formally announce the game during his Coffee Time panel at PAX.

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